That right there is one of the reasons most poeple are still broke.

You see, the fastest way to lose money is by trying to show people that you have money.

Some times its not your fault, it is the way society has painted wealth.

Celebrities show us that to be rich, you need to be putting on shiny chains and driving the latest Ferrari.

This is what the media portrays and we’ve wrongfully bought into it..

Quit buying things to impress people that don’t like you.

So many people spend the money they don’t have trying to impress people that don’t like them.

Stop trying to impress people on social media.

You will buy cloth to snap then come back and drink garri.

Hey, don’t get me wrong… There’s nothing wrong with drinking garri.

Allowing the garri to rise beyond its elastic limit is where I have issues.

Dear brother, you make small money and you want to hang out with every babe. Are you a hanger??

Can’t you see how much you are spending just to impress a lady?

Warri people say, “Use your head no be curse, na advice”

At the end, rich people have plenty money and spend small. Poor people have small money and spend much.

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