I want to share with you one of the biggest secrets of the top wealthy 10%. Please read to the end.

We have read over and over again in personal finance books that we should save 10%.

You will never build massive wealth at that rate.

Unless you want to start enjoying your wealth at 65 – which is a big NO for me.

That’s not my goal for you. I want you to retire in your 30s-40s (or in the next three years)

I do believe we should settle the issue of money early so that we can truly focus on adding value from a point of abundance.

I tell my students and mentees to save between 30%-50% for investment.

This money is not meant to be spent, only to be invested for your financial freedom.

Why is it important to save 30% and above?

You must constantly put yourself in the position to be broke so that your brain can get thinking for more money.

When you start saving more, your brain will always look for a way to live around the balance or bring in more ideas to make more.

It works like magic, try it!

I am always broke.  And I am always thinking of ways to stay broke so that my brain can think of more ways money can keep coming in.

I don’t stay broke by spending, I stay broke by saving my money in an untouchable account.

So many people are not making more money because they have shut their brains down to believe that they have enough money to sustain them.

One health challenge and all the money is gone!

When you increase your savings, you increase your chances of going in big when investment opportunities come.

And please note that, when I say saving, I don’t mean dumping your money in a bank account for 10 years.

Money sitting idle in a bank account cannot make you more money.

Money has to be in motion.

As you are storing (that’s a better word I guess), you have to be constantly researching how you can make your money work for you.

That’s the end goal. You have to work hard for money until your money grows enough to begin working hard for you.

Go back and read that again!

First you work hard for money, then store, and channel it properly so that it can work hard for you and buy you financial freedom.

That’s when you win the money game.

Then you can travel as you want and still be making money.

Welcome to my TEDTalk. (TEDwrite will be more appropriate)

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I remain your Chief Value Officer.

Akpe Emmanuel (Pronounced A’kpe)

The Prince of Copywriting

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