There is a powerful path to wealth that has guided me for over the past three years now, I want to share it with you for free. I heard this principle first from Fela Durotoye and it was confirmed by another mentor of mine, Dan Lok.

The principle is simple, it states, “if you want to build massive wealth, learn a HIGH INCOME SKILL, use it to solve HIGH VALUE PROBLEMS for HIGH PAYING CLIENTS.”

Read it again…

And again…

Until it dissolves in your cranium.

Now hear this secret.

The number one reason most people are still broke or poor is not that there is no money, it is because they LACK A HIGH INCOME SKILL. Period.

Not just any form of skill, but a HIGH INCOME SKILL.

What is a high income skill?

A high income skill is one that can pay you between N300,000 to N5 million and more monthly.

Why is a skill important?

Everything else can be stolen from you but your skills can never be stolen from you.

Settle down and learn a high income skill.

Copywriting is one, digital marketing is another; programming, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, graphic design, freelancing and many more (go and research the one that resonates with you).

All these skills can be learnt and perfected in three months if you put in the right amount of time with the right mentors, Google and YouTube.

Find one skill and learn all you need to learn about it.

Don’t be a generalist, be a specialist in just one skill.

If you call Ronaldo, people know it’s football.

If you call Tiger woods, people know it’s golf.

If you call Bishop Oyedepo, everyone knows it is Ministry.

If you call my name (Emmanuel Akpe), everyone knows I am the Prince of Copywriting (If you didn’t know, now you know)

If your name is called now, what do people know you for?

Think about it.

Until I write to you again.

My name is still Akpe Emmanuel. (Pronounced A’kpe)

I am your C.V.O (Chief Value Officer)

Do have a great day ahead.

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