Please read it to the end, it will totally transform your finances.




Keeping or managing your money is the most important skill you need when it comes to money generally.

It is the bridge between making money and investing money

If the bridge is faulty, your wealth destination will never be in view..

The truth is, some people don’t have issues with making money. Their major problem is with keeping it.

Why’s this?

The easiest thing about money is spending it.

Read that again…

Good, let’s continue.

No one ever learns how to spend money. Spending money is so easy mehn.

Some people think that when they make more money, they will start keeping more. Not true.


Parkinson’s Law states that “the moment there is an increase in your income, expenses will rise to meet it.”

Please read that again…

In other words, when income increases, expenses also increase.

There is a way money will enter your hand ehn, those your fine clothes you have will start looking faded.

It’s human nature.

To create lasting wealth, you must break Parkison’s law.

Instead of spending, you must save to invest.

You must learn to live within a lean budget even with an increase in more money

I am not saying you shouldn’t enjoy your life o, but, you must have a percentage of your income for enjoyment

To keep money, you need to be accountable.

See ehn, you are a business entity.

You are the CEO of your life.

You need to run your life like a company.

If you see yourself in this light, you will value yourself more.

Do this exercise.

I promise you it will change your life.

Get a book, let’s call it your account book.

Write down every money that comes in and every expenses you make for the next 30 days.

I promise you again that this one exercise will change your life.

 Most people won’t do it. But if you will… Its a promise, it will dramatically change your life.

Write everything that comes in and everything that goes out.

Now before you spend, ask yourself, do I really need to buy this?

Can I do without this??

 At the end of one month, you will see those things what has been eating your money secretly.

You will see how common biscuit and malt or those small chops has been eating close to 10k from your money.

Or how Mtn has been building an estate on your head from common recharge card and data.

Some of you make money and at the end you are always wondering where your money went to.

This exercise will show you were your money goes into.

But not everyone will do, I hope you will.

Until I write you again.

My name is stiil Akpe Emmanuel. ( Pronounced A’kpe)

I am your C.V.O (Chief Value Officer)

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