Stay with me, I want to share with you another powerful principle for amassing massive wealth.

Most people are still poor and broke because they cannot stay in one place.

Today they are blogging.

Tomorrow they are in mini importation.

Next tomorrow they’ve entered loom and boom they are in doom.

They want to create multiple streams of income but they end up creating multiple streams of jobs.

If you want to achieve massive wealth and financial freedom, you must be laser-beam focused.

Stay with me..

You must be able to say NO to a lot of things so that you can say YES to the major thing.

Most people want to “know a little about everything” but I say, “know so much about one thing”

Saint Paul said it best, “…but this ONE THING I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before…”

Most people misunderstand the concept of MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME. Let me help you understand it.

If you are starting out, it should be multiple streams of RELATED income.

For example:

I am freelance copywriter..

I also teach Copywriting and Freelancing

I sell digital products on Copywriting

I approve and set up Upwork accounts (freelancing)

And when I do have speaking engagements, I speak on freelancing and Copywriting.

Can you see that they are RELATED?

How can you be selling garri and cement in the same shop?

Now, when you branch out, it must be Multiple Streams of PASSIVE income.

By passive, it means you don’t have to be fully available for it to work.

Even though Dangote is in so many fields, he is just an overseer. He has competent people running his businesses.

He is in the business of managing his business.

So what’s the message of today?

Stay on one course until you become so good at it.

Dig deep before you spread.

FOCUS – Follow One Course Until Success

Welcome to my TED Talk.

I will not stop until you achieve financial freedom!

I remain your C.V.O (Chief Value Officer)

Akpe Emmanuel (Pronounced A’kpe)

The Prince of Copywriting

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