Money is simply a reward for an exchange of value.

There is no such thing as making money from nothing. Unless you want to scam someone.

To make money, you have to be exchanging value in the form of a product or a service.

Money is simply a trade by barter. Your client or customer has the money, you have the value. You both exchange it.

I want this to sink.

If this sinks, you will never be poor or broke again.

A business is an avenue to exchange value through a product or a service.

To make lot’s of money, think of how you can exchange value with lot’s of people.

I tell people, if you can offer N1,000 value to 1,000 people, you’ve made a million naira.

 Or… Offer N2,000 value to 500 people. Another million made.

And then if you take it to 5k. You only need 200 people to give you 5k to make 1 mill.

And if 100 people give you 10k, you have a million.

This is called the law of effection. It is the law of magnitude and scale.

Magnitude is quality. You can offer N100,000 value to 10 people and make 1 million.

Scale is number. You can offer a N5 value to 200,000 people, that’s still 1 million.

But magnitude times scale is what makes billionaires

Imagine offering a N100,000 value to 5 million people.

 Choose your path.

Magnitude or scale or both.


The money in your hand right now belongs to someone else. It belongs to the keke man, the food seller, to MTN, to Dangote or anyone who has a product you will spend on.

You are holding someone’s money. The big question is, who’s got your money?

Find that person and collect your money from them.

Money is not created, money is collected!

Welcome to my TED Talk.

I will not stop until you achieve financial freedom!

I remain your C.V.O (Chief Value Officer)

The Prince of Copywriting.

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