What I am about to share with you is one of the single most common reason most people are poor.

I discovered this from studying high performers and comparing their life with others. Do read to the end.

The problem with most poor people is that they have a scarcity mindset.

Follow me, I just got started.

Money is Abundant.

There is plenty money to go around!!

The world does not lack money, the world lacks people with ideas and the right initiative to get money.

Money is printed almost everyday.

There are billions in the banks! There is money everywhere!

Money is one of the common denominators in the world.

There is money in Japan.

There is money in America.

There is money in Mozambique.

Even in the time of Jesus, there was money.

There is money everywhere in the world. And there is an abundance of it!

Poor people  believe that if they make all the money, there won’t be enough left for others. Lol

They want to help the world but they are poor. No one can help the poor by being poor.

I want to share this fact with you, come closer… Good.

Money is in the hand of people.

If you need 100 million today, it’s already in the hand of people or in their bank account.

You see that money in your hand bah.. It belongs to someone else.

It belongs to the woman you will buy food from, it belongs to the keke man.

Ask yourself, if the money in my hand does not belong to me, who’s got my money?

You don’t have money because you are not solving problems.

The world is filled with problems

Every where you turn, there is a problem..

Problems abound everywhere.

Hunger is a problem.

Poverty is a problem

Lack of cloth is a problem..

There will never be a time when the world will be totally free from problems..

The problem with most people is that they keep running away from problems.

You are as relevant as the problems you solve for people.

Wait a minute…

You are not qualified to solve any problem until you are not a problem yourself.

You cannot be a problem and try to solve a problem. You will need to de-problematize yourself first.

Then you can solve problems for others and money will follow you easily.

Until I write you again. I remain your Chief Value Officer.

Akpe Emmanuel

The Prince of Copywriting.

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