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The number one reason you are still poor and broke is that you’ve put event over process.

Stay with me, I will open your eyes to this mistake most people make.

As humans, we love events but we don’t pay attention to the process.

Just recently, Liverpool defeated Barcelona 4-0 to overturn a seemingly impossible situation. Most people thought it was luck. I laugh.

Behind those tears the coach and the playing were “sharing”, I saw process (hardwork).

Those guys worked their self up. I am so sure they were training morning, noon and night in their preparation for that match.

That was the process! The event was the 90 minutes of play that culminated in that turn around.

Everybody watched the event, nobody watched or talked about the process.

I love Ronaldo, he’s one of the greatest of all time (GOAT) (sorry, Messi fans)

Behind the awards and hatricks you see is a man who is committed to a process. It is reported that Ronaldo comes to training first and leaves last.

Now how does all this concern you and money?

Money is only a result of what is happening behind the scenes.

Money is only an EVENT, the work you have to put in is the PROCESS.

Most people want the money but they are not dedicated to the process.

Most start ups love the stories of Mark Zuckerberg, Mark Essien and how some CEOs are getting funded. They love all the glamour but they don’t find out about the process.

How this CEO was keeping vigil doesn’t concern you.

If you want an overnight success, you must be willing to work all through that night.

Success is a process. Success is a journey, not a destination.

You must be willing to pay the price for the prize. There is no PRIZE without a PRICE.

Calm down and focus on the work.

Focus on doing the things that matter and very soon you will begin to matter.

Until I write you again, I remain your Chief Value Officer (C.V.O)

Akpe Emmanuel

The Prince of Copywriting

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