Is money really important?

90% of the things we do is connected to money.

I mean, once you are born, you are groomed to grow and make money.

You go to primary school, secondary, uni, masters… So that you can a lot of money.

For some of us, we wanted medicine, law or those professional courses so that we can get a job easily and make lots of money.

You see, the only thing that the Bible equates to the level of God is Money. You cannot serve two masters; God and Money (Mammon: Covetousness)

Money is very important. Lol, do I even need to say that?

If you can, settle the issue of money while you are young.

You will be able to fulfill purpose then. You will be able to help lots of persons then.

You should know that you can never help the poor by being one of them.

The most important thing to making money is your why.

Most people are concerned with the how.

Emmanuel, how can I make money?

First, why do you really need to make money?

Once you answer your why, the how will be easy.

If your why is not strong, no matter the how, you will give up soon.

One of my strong why’s is to never beg for money. I hate begging! Argghh!

Another of my why’s is to build churches and promote the gospel.

Another is so that I can fulfill a purpose.

What is your why?

Your “why” could be to travel around the world.

Find a strong why!

To retire your parents to perpetual retirement.


Emmanuel Emmyllionaire Akpe

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