Read it again slowly for better understanding..

Good.. Let me add more flesh to it.

A poor man will prefer to save N50 and trek for 30 minutes. What is he doing? He is saving money. He thinks he is wise. Poor man.

Give a rich man and a poor man N50,000 to go and close a deal in Abuja from Lagos. The rich man will take a flight and get there in 45 minutes and quickly close the deal.

The poor man will take Agofure Mass transit (No disrespect), spend 12 hours on the road, stop at Lokoja and eat those sweet suya and lose the deal. Poor man.

Rich people spend money to save time. Poor people spend time to save money.

Time is more important than money to a rich man. Rich people know that money is abundant but time is limited. They secure their time so that they can make more money.

Poor people think time is abundant and money is limited. They spend their time anyhow and conserve money for the rainy days.

Rich people spend money to save time. Poor people spend time to save money.

We rich people are always looking for ways to automate and save time. We are not scared of putting loads of cash into automated systems so that we can have time for other important things.

Poor people, on the other hand, want to do all the work. They want people to know they are working. You will see them looking serious all the time. They will rather keep their money in the bank and slave themselves than automate.

Enter into 2020 with this sense. Till I write you again.

I remain your Chief Value Officer,

Akpe Emmanuel

The Prince of Copywriting.

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