Let me put it in another way..

Rich people control money. Poor people allow money control them.

Give a poor man some good amount of cash, he throws his manners into the thrash can. The money takes over him. He goes around drinking, chasing after women and blasting music off his car. Poor man.

Rich people keep their cool when big money enters their hands. They remain cool and collected. You will see them act like nothing happened. Quickly, they will start thinking of how to manage it and multiply it.

Most poor people are not really humble. Poverty is the only thing keeping them humble. Give them small amount of money now and see how sharp their mouths will be.

Rich people like Dangote are  ever humble in the midst of wealth. You will never hear us say things like “Do you know me”. We don’t force people to know us, we allow our results introduce us.

Rich people commonize money, poor people allow money commonise them.

Do a business with a poor man and see how he will behave around money. He will allow the money commonise him. He will take his part and take your own part.

Rich people are not like that. We are very disciplined around money. What is not ours we don’t touch. We see money as a tool and we know how valuable relationships can be.

We rich people know that money is just a bunch of paper with dead bodies on it. Money is not the end, it only a means to an end. Poor people see money as the ultimate.

Rich people commonize money, poor people allow money commonise them.

Enter into 2020 with this sense. Till I write you again.

I remain your Chief Value Officer,

Akpe Emmanuel

The Prince of Copywriting.

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