If you understand this one principle, you will become wealthy inside out.

Most people ask me what they need to DO to make money. I don’t always have a good answer to that question.

Instead of asking what you must DO, I think the best question is to ask who I must BE to become wealthy.

You see, money is what you attract by the person you choose to BECOME.

Most people think they have to DO something, then they will HAVE money and BECOME successful.

That’s not the correct pattern.

You have to first BE the person who can attract wealth, then you can DO something and then you can HAVE massive wealth.

This is why we are called human BE-INGS and not human DO-INGS.

You have to be BE then you can DO.

Focus on becoming the best version of yourself by continuous growth and development.

Then you will have the will power to take massive action.

And you will ATTRACT massive wealth.

Do have a lovely weekend.

I remain your C.V.O (Chief Value Officer)

Akpe Emmanuel (Pronounced A’kpe)

The Prince of Copywriting

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