“There are many things I cannot control in life, working hard isn’t one of them.”

– Ryan Serhant.

Most people are still broke and poor because they want to get rich doing EASY things.

They just want to sleep on their bed and have a bowl of fruit served to them while money keeps coming in.

That’s possible but you have to put in some work at the initial stage.

And that’s where most people fail. They don’t want to put in the initial work.

See, if you keep doing what’s easy, life will be hard, but if you do what’s hard, life will become easy.

You can pay now and play later or you can play now and pay later. Your choice.

Grant Cordone says it best… “Pay any price today so that you can pay any price tomorrow”.

You get paid more when you do things most people cannot do…and most people can’t do the hard stuff.

Do the hard things first and the easy things will take care of themselves.

In the end, rich people do what’s hard today so that they can enjoy an easy life tomorrow while poor people do what’s easy today and their life becomes hard tomorrow.

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