As the Prince of copywriting, I get lots of compliment for my copies, I want to show you exactly how I write my advert copies easily.

Note that it’s not always in the number of likes, you can have 100 likes and make 1 sale but you can have 1 like and make 100 sales.

People who buy products most times don’t even have the time to like the ad copy.


There are 4 parts of any high converting advert copy..

1. Heading

2. Hook

3. Body

4. Call to Action..

1. Heading

 Your heading is one of the most important parts of your advert copy.

Because people are exposed to too much content, your heading must be attention grabbing.

If people are not interested from your heading, forget about them reading.

Your heading is meant to make them read… not make them buy.

Some headings I’ve used…

  • Why my neighbours think I am a yahoo boy.
  • How any dummy can make money writing online.
  • Secrets of a seven figure freelancer.
  • Who else would love to work from home in their pyjamas

2. The hook

The hook is a promise you make to keep your reader reading to the end.

  • If you read this post to the end, I promise it will be the best piece you will read this year.
  • If you read this post to the end, I promise you will make more money than you’ve made the year before.
  • If I can show you how to create wealth without sweating, will you read this post?
  • I was told you are broke, I am here to help, do read to the end to see how.
  • I will share 3 reasons you’ve not married, number 3 is my favourite..

 3. The body

 The body is where you actually do the sales proper.

 Please don’t introduce your product first.

Introduce the problem first.

Explain the problem to them as clearly as you can.

Let them shake their head and say “hmmmm..this so me”

E.g I remember when I used to be broke, I was always angry, I didn’t know if it was because I was angry that I was broke or if it was because I was broke that I was angry, either way, I hated them both..

That’s me explaining the emotions that come with being broke..

Are you getting the picture??

If you are selling fire extinguishers, first show the fire.

Show the problem first.

Then bring your product as a solution to this problem.

Give valid reasons why yours is the best.

They’ve used other things, yours is different.

People want to buy but they hate to be sold to.

Always put the decision in their hands

 4. The Call to Action

Make them take action.

And make them do it NOW… or else they won’t.

People are lazy, they want to procrastinate.

Use urgency.

Use promo.

Pay now and get it for 20% off.

Use scarcity.

Only 20 people will pay N5,000.

The 21st will pay N10,000.

Make sure you guide them to take action NOW.

Make taking action easy for them.

If it’s hard, they will stop half way.

Put a link that takes them directly to payment or your whatsapp.

Don’t make life harder than it it for them. Make it easy, simple and sharp.

That’s it.. Follow this formula and more people will respond to your ads and you will make more money.

Until I write you again, I remain your Chief Value Officer (CVO)

Akpe Emmanuel

The Prince of Copywriting

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