Busibility does not equal productivity

Visibility also does not equal productivity too

Because you are out there does not mean you are bringing results..

You can be visible to the wrong set of people and not be productive..

You can also be busy but you are “busy doing nothing”

Time is life and life time, that’s why it is called LIFETIME.

 If you waste your time, you waste your life.

In fact, you can’t waste time, you can only waste your life..

Time is not redeemable..

Time cannot be held

Time cannot be stopped..

Time waits for no one!!

If you become aware of your time, your life will take a dramatic turn!!

If you sleep 8 hours a day..

8×365 = 2920 hours.

2920 hours รท 24 hours = 121 days.

You’ve slept 121 days out of 365.

If we factor in the time people spend in watching movies and BBNaija, chatting aimlessly and working for their boss, you will see that most people are not productive.

Can you now see why few people are successful?

 If you spend 2 hours working on yourself daily.

You would have spent 30 FULL days in personal development in the year.

That’s 1 month out of 12. Still impressive.

Please don’t joke with your time.

So how do you become more productive in 2020

1. Always plan your day a night before.

I still use this principle till tomorrow.

It is suicidal to start your day in a confused state.

Most people get into a day without a prior plan of what they should be doing..

One thing you want to be sure you have is CLARITY.

Clarity gives you direction…

Direction brings progress…

No matter how fast you are running, if you run in the wrong direction, you will always come short.

Take 30 minutes at night and think.

Think through your next day.

Personally, my normal day is highly predictable.

For the most part of the year I’ve had the same schedule.. Just a little modifications here and there.

Always Plan your day a night before.

2. Turn off notification or cut social media time generally

Most people are not productive today because of social media.

Too many avoidable messages to reply.

Too many repeated chats.

Someone sends a message at 9:00, you must reply at 9:01.

Oshey, Usain Bolt!


Don’t be in a hurry to reply every message.

Some people should wait.

If its not business or very important messages, let it wait small.

If you reply every message as it comes, you won’t have time for yourself.

3. Block time for the most important things in your life.

Your ability to block out time for the things that are most important for you.

Not everything is Important

Some things are good, but they are not right.

A story is told of a man who was told to wash plates but went ahead to clean the floor.

He did what was good but it wasn’t right.

So many of you are doing what is good but is not right for you now.

20% of the things you do account for 80% of your results, while 80% of the things you do account for 20% of your results.

Find the 20% and block out time in your day to keep doing it.

The reason why I spend minimum time and get maximum result is because I now know the things that bring the most result for me..

And I try to keep the list to only 5

So spiritually for example, I know I have to be

1. Studying the word

2. Praying.

3. Going out for souls.

4. Fasting and

5. A strong fellowship with the Holy Spirit..

Business wise

1. I have to be ahead of the curve

2. I have to be marketing

3. I need to keep getting attention by offering value

4. I need to keep building a trust worthy brand..

5. I need to be innovating and bringing out new programs.

Find your own top 5 too and spend your time doing them..

Until I write you again, I remain your Chief Value Officer (CVO)

Akpe Emmanuel, Prince of Copywriting

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