***Excerpts from Money 101 by Emmanuel Akpe.***

Keeping or managing your money is the most important skill you need when it comes to money.

It is the bridge between making money and investing money.

If the bridge is faulty, your wealth destination will never be in view.

The truth is, some people don’t have issues with making money. Their major problem is with keeping it.

Why’s this?

The easiest thing about money is spending it.

No one ever learns how to spend money.

Spending money is so easy mehn.

I’ve never met a man who doesn’t like spending money. Brothers have you seen?

Some people think that when they make more money, they will start keeping more of it. Not true.


Parkinson’s law states that the moment there is an increase in your income, expenses will rise to meet it.

Please read that again..

When income increases, expenses also increase.

There is a way money will enter your hand ehn, those your fine clothes you have will start looking faded.

It will be doing you somehow in your eyes.

Some of you using android phones now, once money starts entering now, you now want an iPhone.

It’s human nature!

But… It will not help you financially.

If you want to keep money… Learn to separate money into different accounts.

This is how I save..

10% of all my earnings go to tithes. I am very strong believer in tithing.

I save 50% into my financial freedom account.

I use 40% for expenses.

See, if you can’t live on 40%, you need to go and earn more..

From my first 50%, 20% goes into an untouchable savings account. 20% is for investments and 10% is for my growth.

10% of growth is for buying books, seminars and everything that can help me grow.

From my 40% expenses, 10% is for “play” or doing the things you love, I am hoping to join a golf club soon.. As my 10% gets bigger.

The bottom line is, budget your money properly.

When you budget your money, you can tell someone you are broke but you have money.

You are broke because you didn’t include them in your budget.

This is one of the reasons our rich uncles seem stingy.

Is not like they don’t have money, you are not just in their budget… Sorry!

Drops pen!

Until I write you again.

I remain you Chief Value Officer (C.V.O)

Akpe Emmanuel.

The Prince of Copywriting.

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