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How do you make money while sleeping?

By creating multiple streams of passive income.

You see, there are two major streams of income..




Both of them are very important.

Active income requires you to work on your job daily or business.

In active income, your time is tied to your money.

Active income is good but it is not the best form of income.

The ogakpatata of them all is passive income.

Passive income is making money from an early investment of money or time.

First, you put in the efforts and you sit down and watch the money roll in.

Take this from me, “Your money can never be massive until your money becomes passive!”

– Akpe Emmanuel

Take another quote from me..

“Until you make money while sleeping, you don’t have any business spending long hours sleeping”

– Akpe Emmanuel (2018)

Now, what are some examples of passive income?

1. The easiest form of passive income is supplementary businesses.

That is, leveraging on an existing business with traffic and customers to sell your own products.

For example, If someone is selling akara, approach the person and drop bread for her to also sell on your behalf. Simple.

That’s just the basic example. I didn’t ask you to go and sell bread sha.

This is creating an alliance with an already existing business.

Leveraging on their customers, time and efforts.

I did this to my mum’s provision store at age 16.

There are lots of businesses to leverage on, just look around you and form a relationship ASAP.

2. Train a group of people and outsource jobs to them.

I have writers I give jobs to.

Others have security outfits, private lesson outfits.

Can you gather people to do a job without your presence?

This is also known as the agency method.

If you are good at what you do and you have lots of clients coming in, get people and outsource it to them.

You will be sleeping and making money.

3. Rental businesses…

Rental business is very passive.

There are lots of things you can rent out.

Projectors, sound systems, books, chairs…

If funds are available, build houses and keep it on rent

Or even event centers

Whatever you can rent, it will be passive

 4. Write books, sing songs or anything that can bring royalties

Amazon is a great platform for publishing books

You can make an income for life by writing and publishing your books there.

Just invest few hours to create any ebook and you can get passive income coming in.

5. You can also invest in stocks and shares, bonds and treasury bills.

If you know financial vehicles well, you can make passive income investing there.

This is not for everyone.

In fact, if you don’t have good money, don’t get in.

There’s a big difference between the 10% of 100,000 naira and that of 10 million naira..


Always look for ways to turn your active income into passive income.

Financial freedom happens when your passive income exceeds the cost of your lifestyle. (The quote I told you about)

Then you can travel and live as you want.

Without having to depend on anyone for money.

Welcome to my TEDTalk.

I remain your Chief Value Officer (C.V.O)

Akpe Emmanuel.

The Prince of Copywriting.

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