You can never be grand until you build a brand.

Brands are built deliberately and for you to build a strong one, I will share some tips from studying over 100 personal brands.

These are excerpts from one of my paid trainings.

B- Be the best

You have to be very competent at what you do!

Why is apple such a big brand, they make one of the best phones

 How about coke? One of the best soft drinks..

If your brand is not competent, you will always be financially impotent.

R – Reliability

Are you reliable!?

 Are you dependable?

 Can we trust you to deliver?

 If we take you to China will you deliver?

 What if we take you to Russia, will you still deliver?

Coke is the same everywhere!

Coke in Garki is the same as coke in Lekki and Garrison

Brands are built on trust.

If I don’t trust you to deliver, I won’t refer you to anyone

Reliability increases referrability.

A – Availability

Are you always available?

Or are you one day on, one day off..

Do you show up daily?

Brands are known to show up daily.

The goal is not to show off. The goal is to show up

The goal is to be consistent!

Messi and Ronaldo have both shared the world best between them 11 times.

That’s 11 years of consistency!

Some of you will make a post on Facebook today and go AWOL for two weeks..

You will now come back and write ” who missed me”

Shut up! Nobody missed you!

Learn from the suya man

Learn from the provision seller

They are always opening their shops daily!

N – New updates

Be ready to update and upgrade your brand

Upgrade your persona

Reinvent yourself

You’ve been chicken flavour for too long

Add onions flavour

Add super pack

Add hungry man size

Add belle full

Wondering how I know all this? I am a bachelor.

As more money comes in… Dress well.

Buy new stuffs for your business.

Bring in new technology.

Be up to date..

Don’t allow change swallow your brand..

D – Discipline

Every brand must be disciplined and stand for something

Be principled as a personal brand.

It’s not every female customer that comes to you that you must date

Have laws that govern you.

And let people know what you stand for

Even the devil knows I don’t support football betting. I’ve seen way too many youths destroyed from it.

Stand for something or you will fall for anything.

Till I write you again, I remain your Chief Value Officer

Emmanuel Akpe

The Prince of copywriting

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