If you follow this simple principle I am about to share with you, you will increase your money and happiness by 250%.

There is a tendency to help everyone that comes your way when you start making money.

It’s like everyone smells money and they want you to help them.

They want you to lend them some money and in one week they will pay back.

Here’s what I suggest, open a separate account and call this your support account. You can put 5% or 10% of your earnings here.

This money is meant to support people close to you or those who ask for help.

If you want peace of mind, when people ask you to borrow them money, just support them with something smaller and tell them not to pay you back.

This will save you loads of heart problem and sleepless nights.

If someone wants you to lend them say N100,000, just support them with N10k or more/less and tell them not pay you back.

They will appreciate and respect you more and you will have peace of mind.

Some people feel very bad when they say NO.

Their conscience just keeps pricking them like they’ve done so bad and those people will never forgive them.

If you don’t have any money in your support account, tell them you don’t have and don’t feel bad about it.

Some people are going through some challenges for a building process. If you try to help them, you won’t be doing them good.

If you keep trying to prove that you are people’s El shadai, you will soon realise that your name will become “I shall die”

I remain your C.V.O (Chief Value Officer)

Akpe Emmanuel (Pronounced A’kpe)

The Prince of Copywriting

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