Hunger is important for your money and growth.

In fact, there is a book I am writing now, I call it Hungry Men

I’ve never met someone who was hungry that never got successful.

I don’t mean physical hunger o.. I mean an insatiable drive!!

You know how the Bible says the zeal o the Lord has consumed me.

When hunger consumes you, every other person stands to marvel at you.

Let me drop some characteristics of hungry men.

1. A hungry man will always go the extra mile.

Hungry men always go the extra. mile.

That’s what makes them extra ordinary.

Hungry men do ordinary things that look extra ordinary to ordinary men.

What is extra ordinary to others is ordinary to them.

2. A hungry man is a man of sacrifice.

He pays now, so that he can play later.

Those who play today will pay tomorrow.

But those who pay today, will play tomorrow.

A hungry man can sacrifice his sleep to learn something new.

A hungry man can go hungry to pay for a course that will advance his life.

A hungry man is willing to pay the price today so that he can pay any price tomorrow.

3. A hungry man is disciplined.

He is a law to himself.

He sets boundaries for himself…and keeps to the rules.

He knows that something can be good, but it is not right for him..

Sleep is good, sleeping too much is not right for him.

Chatting is good, but chatting up and down is not right for him.

Making friends is good but not everyone should be his friend.

4. A hungry man is time conscious.

You want to kill a hungry man, waste his time.

A hungry man knows that time is life and life is time, that’s why it is called lifetime.

A hungry man will never spend his time on inanities

He will never spend his time on things that don’t matter.

Because he knows that for him to matter, he must spend his time on the things that matter.

He knows he will not be here forever.

He knows today is the youngest he will ever be.

He has a sense of urgency.

His time is valuable to him.

Oh! Hungry men! Can I find a hungry man!

I will find him studying!

I will find him growing his mind!

I will find discussing ideas….not people!

Find me a hungry man and I will show you a man who will be successful in a few years to come!

Are you a hungry man?

Until I write you again, I remain your Chief Value Officer. (CVO)

Akpe Emmanuel

The Prince of Copywriting.

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