$5,000 is N1.8 million naira.

First, money is not created, money is collected. Money is not conferred, money is transferred.

N1.8 million is available as we speak, your duty is to collect it.

Your first question should be, who’s got my money with them?

OK, let’s look at it from this angle.

Can you create 10 streams that can bring in N180k in one month.

I will give you some ideas that resonate with me..

1. Freelancing.

N180k is very possible on Upwork. You need an account and you will have to be sending in like 10 proposals daily.

If you are a copywriter, getting $100 gigs won’t be an issue. 180k is $500. 5 good gigs should cover. Other freelancing sites are Fiverr, guru and freelancer.

2. Digital trainings

Everyone has something to teach. You don’t have to be a master, you just have to be one step ahead.

I am not the best in Copywriting and freelancing but I’ve made a million plus from WhatsApp trainings this year only.

You can hold trainings every week of the month. If your weekly training go for 3k, you need 60 people at the end of the month.

3. Digital products

Turn your training into an ebook. Turn your knowledge into a course. There is so much information on the internet to rewrite.

Use your WPS app on your phone, write your book in word format and export it into a PDF

There is nothing new, we are all just using different words. If your product sells for N2k, you need 90 people to buy. Find them..

4. Mini importation

You need some money to get started here but it should be able to fetch you N180k if you get a good product at 5k profit.

You will only need to sell 36 pieces. There is a new nano screen guard everyone is importing, you can join the trend.

5. Social media management/marketing

3 businesses paying you 60k to run their business online will give you N180k.

If you can’t find them online, go to some schools or offline businesses around you. Go with a good proposal and maybe you can offer 1 week free trial to buy them.

6. Accounts set up.

Can you set up professional accounts for people. Fiverr, Upwork, Facebook ad, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn.

People pay me everyday to create Upwork accounts for them.

People pay a lot of money to get their LinkedIn profile right. N180k is possible here.

7. Write CV/ cover letter for people.

When everyone is digging gold, sell shovels. As everyone is looking for jobs in Nigeria, work on their CVs for them.

A friend writes CVs and cover letters for 5k. You only need 36 people to make 180k.

Nairaland career and job section is there for you..

8. Sell land/properties

There are lots of real estate companies looking for people to sell their lands or properties.

Do a 3 by 3 banner and paste in a high brow, high traffic area and your 5% from 1 deal can give you N180k

9. Sell cars.

Go to your local car dealer. Market their cars online and get your commission.

10. Affiliate marketing.

Sell high ticket products for Jumia, Konga, Norland, Expertnaire, Longrich and you could bank your N180k..

Until I write you again, I remain your Chief Value Officer (C.V.O)

Akpe Emmanuel

The Prince of Copywriting.

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